Getting ready for a family vacation is supposed to be a preview of a happy event. This time is different. I am packing without Philip. My heart was split into two. One side was filled with memories; the other side was a deep hole. The hole can only be filled with your presence.

Fun places to eat in Hawaii

The first thing after we check into the hotel, kids shouted hungryyyyyy. This famous udon place has the fresh made udon that go with different can also choose the varieties of fried fish, vegetables and meats. The place is clean, economic and authentic. We waited about 30 minutes to finally settle down and enjoy the meal.

Hello Hawaii

It has been three years since last time we were here. We planned this trip 9 months ago but somethings just went out of control. We had to come without my husband. He has to stay behind for the works. It was hard for me. I knew there is part of me stayed with him. I couldn’t possibly enjoy the trip. My kids were disappointed. It felt like a chaos. Hope we can try to make the best out of this situation.