Day 3

We decided to take the hour long bus ride to pay our respect in Arizona memorial, pearl harbour. The long bus ride from the sky high downtown building to the less fancy, local area. We visit the tanioka’s seafood store to get the authentic local food. We got poki bowel, octopus salad, seaweed salad and local nameless desert made of coconut, taro.

We had picnic under a palm tree outside the memorial. The picnic is helirous because of kids comments. Brilliant kids spoke ridiculous ideas that sort of things.

The layout of the park are simple and easy to navigate. We went into the short film room and walk around the educational posts. the memorial park expand a lot since our visit in 2013. They relearned the history with a more matured Point of view. The invasion, the war, the lost life, history is a lesson to learn.

Friday night is the firework night. We went to the rainbow lanai Friday BBQ buffet. Philip an I agreed we need to feed our big boys. The boys love the buffet. The food elevated their spirits. We had the table with the ocean view. The overall environment is pleasant, food are ok but the most important thing is that they are happy and satisfied.

Fire work is not that impressive. We will see how the one in Fourth of July goes.

Evening swim in the ocean is a luxury. The wave was gentle and the air was warm. My kids decide to have the night swim and dig holes. The view of the buildings surround the Waikiki beach. It is a incredible view. My kids are having fun but there is one element that is absent. I wish my husband can be here to be with me and watch our kids play together. I will not let him miss something like this the next time.

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