About Me


My awesome kids My awesome family

A mother’s job is for a lifetime, but a mother’s work stops when her kids are ready to set out to fill their life with fresh experiences. The time has come. It is hard to see their departure from our family home. It is hard to see their empty rooms. It is hard to not make a lunch boxes every morning, to not be their driver, to not go to the Friday night football games, tennis, or track and field meets. It is also a stunning reminder that I need to re-position the direction of my life.

It is now, more than ever. Life offers me this time and chance to recreate the life that me, my husband and turtle Frankie love to live. The chance to nourish our relationship and to fulfill my constant influx of energy and creativity.

I felt compelled to document my fashion finds, healthy food recipes, relationship and daily inspiration. It is going to be a portfolio that is interesting and inspiring. Hopefully, the authentic creativity will have the power to bring magic back into my life, into your lives.