Day 6

After a scenic drive the entire island yesterday. This is a day we are going to relax and just walk around the hotel neighborhood. We took a beach walk along the Waikiki beach. People are swimming, sun tanning, sand digging, all sort of beach activities. The endless blue sea along the high rise building. This is the beauty of natural married the commercial. Everything is so close and convenient. This is my ideal of vacation.

Enough of sun bathing, we walk to ala Mona mall for ramen. Goma Tei is a local chain ramen store. The seame flavored tan tan ramen served with wakamen is savory and filling.

The short walk from ala Mona mall to ho

Day 6

The last day here in the paradise. We decide to Go the diner, the favorite stop For the cops in Hawaii five O series. It is just cross the street from Hilton village. The setting is very much Hawaiian. other than that, it is just come take a look that sort of thing.

The food is creasy, the coffee was too heavy for my taste. The waitress didn’t come, and they bring out the wrong juice. Kalvin has the stomached after the meal. Overall dinning experience is terrible. Next time don’t follow the movie scene. It is not for everybody.

Day 5

today we set out for food adventure and snorkeling. Pineapple plantation is the signature stop in Oahu travel. The dale plant create all sort of interesting food from pineapple. Candies, cookies, nuts and pineapple ice cream. My kids eyed in the gigantic pineapple ice cream on the real pineapple with cherry, chocolate and orange dressing.


The second stop is the Giovanni’s shrimp truck. we ordered 4 different flavored shrimp plates. The best is shrimp scampi. The shrimps was steamed before marinate in the sauce. The rich flavor in the fresh water shrimp is a delicious combinations. The line is long and the parking is scarce. I almost lost my cool. However, the patience was paid off.

Next stop is the famous shaved ice. The same thing happened here. No parking and long line. Same result, the very yammie shaved ice.


The next unexpected stop stop is the pol factory. We tasted the authentic Hawaiian dish, the pork lau lau and Kailua pig. The pork lau lau is steamed pork wrapped in lotus leaf. The flavor of spices mixed with lotus leave create the special, leave flavored pork dish. My kids had lunch 2 hours ago and they were hungry again.

The food adventure is almost end. We are going to visit Hanauma bay for snorkeling. The water activities is the high light of the day. They saw  70 % of the creatures in the introduction film. They burned all the calories from our food adventure. I walked along the beach, taking photos, watch the washed ashore reefs and my dear adult children playing in the water. I wish my husband can be here to watch our kids play. The time has become less and less.

Day 4

Today is my daughter’s 20th birthday. Her birthday we celebrated in Honolulu. Before the big birthday event, we have places to go , things to do.

First thing this morning, farmer’s market. We have to visit this one for local specialties. The first stop is the grilled albocal. Simple grill and some lemon juice. The taste of albocal is true and authentic.

venemise sandwich from the lady pig is ok, but the fried ruchinni is so yammi. After the farmer market, diamond head national park is next.

i was hesitating to go because Alexander has no proper shoes. He looked ok so we go on the hike. It is a 2 miles long not difficult walk. Some place are rocky and steep, the tunnel is low and dark. You can bump to people if you don’t stay in your side, you can smell the sweat when more people are in the tunnel. It is a crowed hike. The view of the island is a great reward.

After the 90 minutes hiking, we decide to go to mitsuwa to have the noodles for Kimberly ‘s birthday. The ramen is as expected because we have the same store in San Jose. I also bought rice for the next few days.

We decide to rent a DVD for the afternoon before we go on the hula tiki for Kimberly ‘s birthday. The movie is called the passenger. The story is inspiring. Live with someone you love now is better than dreaming to live someone in the future you might love. In another words, make the right choice.

kalvin and Alexander were dressed better for Kimberly’s birthday. What Kimberly wants, what Kimberly gets. They spoiles their sister. I am happy for Kimberly because she has two brothers she can count on and I am proud for me and Philip because we have the fine sons and daughter. The demonstrate the love and loyalty to their families. They will never be alone.





Day 3

We decided to take the hour long bus ride to pay our respect in Arizona memorial, pearl harbour. The long bus ride from the sky high downtown building to the less fancy, local area. We visit the tanioka’s seafood store to get the authentic local food. We got poki bowel, octopus salad, seaweed salad and local nameless desert made of coconut, taro.

We had picnic under a palm tree outside the memorial. The picnic is helirous because of kids comments. Brilliant kids spoke ridiculous ideas that sort of things.

The layout of the park are simple and easy to navigate. We went into the short film room and walk around the educational posts. the memorial park expand a lot since our visit in 2013. They relearned the history with a more matured Point of view. The invasion, the war, the lost life, history is a lesson to learn.

Friday night is the firework night. We went to the rainbow lanai Friday BBQ buffet. Philip an I agreed we need to feed our big boys. The boys love the buffet. The food elevated their spirits. We had the table with the ocean view. The overall environment is pleasant, food are ok but the most important thing is that they are happy and satisfied.

Fire work is not that impressive. We will see how the one in Fourth of July goes.

Evening swim in the ocean is a luxury. The wave was gentle and the air was warm. My kids decide to have the night swim and dig holes. The view of the buildings surround the Waikiki beach. It is a incredible view. My kids are having fun but there is one element that is absent. I wish my husband can be here to be with me and watch our kids play together. I will not let him miss something like this the next time.